Precise consumption records for many grades of liquids are easily obtained by use of the Lo-Flo Meter.  Designed to measure flows from 0.05 to 25 gph with
unparalleled accuracy, this compact, sealed unit provides long reliable service at a low cost.

Operation:  The Lo-Flo Meter is a double action, single piston meter.  The valve moves vertically, and one cycle displaces 1/50th gallon.  
Each stroke (either up or down), displaces 1/100th gallon and simultaneously activates the counter.

Model 1A:   0.05- 5  gph         Differential: 1-1/4 psi @ 5 gph

Model 1L:   0.05-25 gph         Differential:  2 psi @ 25 gph

Maximum working pressure: 50 psi

Connection:  1/4" FPT

Accuracy: +/- 0.75%


Housing:  Hard  coated aluminum of three piece construction

Gaskets:   Buna N

Chamber Seal: Teflon

Register Mechanism: Zinc Base with Lusteron K coated lithographed numbers. The register operates in the liquid being measured.


Note:  A filter capable of 10 Micron filtration is required for protection of the meters internal parts against foreign particles. Teflon tape is
recommended as a sealant in securing threaded inlet and outlet connections.